Interview: Rosie Day


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Since her breakthrough performance in horror-thriller The Seasoning House, actress Rosie Day’s career has moved from strength to strength.

Best known for her tender performance as Mary Hawkins in Outlander, the 22 year-old has been named one of Screen International’s ‘Stars of Tomorrow’, and has worked alongside A-listers like Uma Thurman and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Her new project is Living The Dream, a sitcom about a Yorkshire family who buy a trailer rental business in Florida. Rosie took a break from her busy schedule to talk to us about filming in America, meeting her idols, and her new foray into writing.

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Interview: Twayna Mayne


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With her deadpan and downbeat take on the world, rising comedy star Twayna Mayne is bringing her debut hour Black Girl to the Edinburgh Festival this August. A former nominee for Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year, Twayna’s highly anticipated new show discusses race, gender, and being taken into care aged three. We spoke to Twayna about comedy, campaigning, and Coronation Street.

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Interview: Shazia Mirza


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Tell us a little about your new show, The Kardashians Made Me Do It.
It’s about four things really – political correctness, people being offended, ISIS, and jihadi brides.

You emerged as a comic shortly following 9/11, and received a lot of praise. Were you prepared for the level of attention you’d receive?
No, I just wanted to be a comedian. I just wanted to tell jokes and be good at what I did. I didn’t think about fame […] Comedy’s very hard, and it takes a long time to get good, and that’s what I wanted to do.

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Interview: Lucy Porter

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Tell us about your new show, Consequences.

It’s a show about aging, and about how much I’ve let my sixteen-year-old self downbasically. It’s called Consequences because I realised all the things I thought I’d be doing when I was sixteen that I’m very much not doing now. I’m not married to Morrissey, I’m not living in America, and I’m not driving a classic car.

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Interview: Rachel Partington

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I’ll admit it- I’m scared of interviewing Rachel Partington.

A student at Bristol Old Vic theatre school, Partington has written a play about the experiences of an Eritrean refugee she met in the infamous ‘Calais Jungle’. In Still Here, soon to be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, she’s recreated their conversation in the migrant encampment and assumed her role as questioner onstage once more. Imagine my trepidation at this intimidating prospect. How do you interview an interviewer?

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