Outlander: ‘The Doldrums’


(Original post at The National Student)

Claire and Jamie face superstitions and secret marriages in this week’s instalment of Outlander.

After last week’s nephew-napping, Jamie and Claire attempt to track down Young Ian. Jamie has conveniently forgotten to tell Jenny and Ian what’s happened to their son, solidifying his status as the world’s worst uncle.

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Interview: Rosie Day


(Original post at The National Student)

Since her breakthrough performance in horror-thriller The Seasoning House, actress Rosie Day’s career has moved from strength to strength.

Best known for her tender performance as Mary Hawkins in Outlander, the 22 year-old has been named one of Screen International’s ‘Stars of Tomorrow’, and has worked alongside A-listers like Uma Thurman and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Her new project is Living The Dream, a sitcom about a Yorkshire family who buy a trailer rental business in Florida. Rosie took a break from her busy schedule to talk to us about filming in America, meeting her idols, and her new foray into writing.

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