Interview: Lucy Porter

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(Original post at The Boar)

Tell us about your new show, Consequences.

It’s a show about aging, and about how much I’ve let my sixteen-year-old self downbasically. It’s called Consequences because I realised all the things I thought I’d be doing when I was sixteen that I’m very much not doing now. I’m not married to Morrissey, I’m not living in America, and I’m not driving a classic car.

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Bob Odenkirk, sexual albatross


(Illustration by Gustave Doré)

My brain betrayed me recently. There is a murky, shadowed recess in the mind of every human being that occasionally regurgitates eldritch truths, truths which haunt them in the small hours of the morning when they’re chasing sleep. I am no exception to this rule. As such, a while ago I was treated to a startling personal revelation mid-way through an episode of Better Call Saul– I kinda, sorta fancy Bob Odenkirk.

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