10 Years of Breaking Bad: The Best Episodes


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A decade may have passed since Breaking Bad first graced our screens, but the series has been rightly enshrined as the pinnacle of TV excellence. From its ground-breaking visuals to its compelling performances, Breaking Bad raised the bar for every drama that followed it.

To celebrate the show’s tenth anniversary, we’ve ranked the top ten episodes of Breaking Bad (even if doing so feels like asking someone to pick between their children). Spoilers ahead…

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Why TV directors should be honoured at the Golden Globes

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At the Golden Globes on Sunday, Guillermo Del Toro secured his first Golden Globe for Best Director, an accolade that few can deny he has earned. Yet at an event designed to honour both film and television, it seems unfair to only highlight the directors of the silver screen.

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Outlander: ‘The Doldrums’


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Claire and Jamie face superstitions and secret marriages in this week’s instalment of Outlander.

After last week’s nephew-napping, Jamie and Claire attempt to track down Young Ian. Jamie has conveniently forgotten to tell Jenny and Ian what’s happened to their son, solidifying his status as the world’s worst uncle.

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