10 Years of Breaking Bad: The Best Episodes


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A decade may have passed since Breaking Bad first graced our screens, but the series has been rightly enshrined as the pinnacle of TV excellence. From its ground-breaking visuals to its compelling performances, Breaking Bad raised the bar for every drama that followed it.

To celebrate the show’s tenth anniversary, we’ve ranked the top ten episodes of Breaking Bad (even if doing so feels like asking someone to pick between their children). Spoilers ahead…

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5 questions Sherlock fans want answered in ‘The Final Problem’


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Last week’s episode of Sherlock left viewers on a huge cliff-hanger with John at the mercy of Sherlock’s long-lost sister, Eurus.

Fans have some burning questions that we hope to see answered in Sunday night’s Season 4 finale, ‘The Final Problem’…

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The Top Ten Moments From Broad City Season One


Broad City burst onto our screens in 2014 with an immediately popular debut season, showcasing a uniquely joyous expression of slackerdom and riotous self-absorption. Eminently quoteable and relatable, the show exudes confidence and cool from its very bones, all thanks to the talented comic duo of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

These fictionalised versions of the two women’s younger selves have given us plenty of hilarious moments, and to celebrate the beginning of its second season tonight, I’ve picked my top ten favourite moments from Broad City season one.

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The Ten Best Shows of 2014

2014 was a great year for television, and with such a wealth and variety of shows available to the viewer, it was difficult to decide which series could be considered the best. This is a very subjective list, especially as there are many great shows that I’ve gotten around to watching yet (I’m looking at you, The Good Wife), so I’d love to hear other people’s top ten shows of the year!

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