Trauma and Sexuality in Crash and Blue Velvet


TW: rape

Crash and Blue Velvet are intimately concerned with the link between trauma and sexuality, both consciously and unconsciously revealing the impact of traumatic sexuality on its participants, particularly women.

Two films that are often considered the most successful of their respective directors, their presentations of trauma and sexuality are also indicative of the flawed societies in which they are produced. Yet despite their shared preoccupation, David Cronenberg and David Lynch approach this relationship from inverse positions.

Whilst Cronenberg explores the erotic potential of traumatic events in Crash, Lynch’s Blue Velvet highlights the inherently traumatic origins and nature of sexuality through its Freudian themes.

Their respective examinations of traumatic sexuality disproportionately affect their female characters, with Cronenberg reinscribing misogynistic tropes within his supposedly liberating new form of sexuality, and Lynch’s visceral rape scenes complicating his otherwise progressive rejection of violence against women. Cronenberg’s and Lynch’s views of traumatic sexuality are complex, but both struggle, to varying degrees, with regressive attitudes towards female characters.

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Why TV directors should be honoured at the Golden Globes

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At the Golden Globes on Sunday, Guillermo Del Toro secured his first Golden Globe for Best Director, an accolade that few can deny he has earned. Yet at an event designed to honour both film and television, it seems unfair to only highlight the directors of the silver screen.

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Let’s make one thing clear- Arrival, Denis Villeneuve’s science fiction drama about first contact, will not win the Oscar for Best Picture. The category is crowded with powerful adversaries, some deserving and some not (I’m looking at you, La La Land). Given its competitors and Hollywood’s aversion to science fiction, Villeneuve and his team are unlikely to go home with the top prize- however much they might deserve it.

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Trailer Breakdown: Rogue One

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The international trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped last week, and with it came the feverish speculation that unites all good Star Wars fans. Packed with explosive action sequences and uplifting soundbites, the trailer has set the film up to be a classic sci-fi epic, though with new faces amongst our familiar favourites.

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