Broad City: In Heat, or hot water?


(TW: rape)

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Broad City was universally hailed by critics as the best new sitcom of 2014- a riot of egoism, drug use and nineties hip hop, the first season follows the lives of two twenty-something slackers as they attempt to navigate the surreal yet mundane elements of life in New York.

The show’s writers Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer play fictionalised versions of themselves who are younger, stupider and grosser, but are utterly relatable. Its jubilant and irreverent expression of femininity has given the show a positive status in the feminist community- which is why it was all the more painful to find out that the latest episode ‘In Heat’ was centred on a rape joke.

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The Top Ten Moments From Broad City Season One


Broad City burst onto our screens in 2014 with an immediately popular debut season, showcasing a uniquely joyous expression of slackerdom and riotous self-absorption. Eminently quoteable and relatable, the show exudes confidence and cool from its very bones, all thanks to the talented comic duo of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

These fictionalised versions of the two women’s younger selves have given us plenty of hilarious moments, and to celebrate the beginning of its second season tonight, I’ve picked my top ten favourite moments from Broad City season one.

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