Previously, On… Game of Thrones


I wrote some scripts for Previously, On…, a new podcast from Jamie East in association with Sky Atlantic that aims to recap every episode of classic TV series. First up is Game of Thrones, so if you need to refresh your memory before season 8 airs on 14th April, please give the podcast a listen!


Here’s a list of the episodes I wrote:

S01E02- The Kingsroad
S01E04- Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things
S01E05- The Lion and The Wolf
S01E08- The Pointy End
S02E06- The Old Gods and The New
S02E07- A Man Without Honour
S02E10- Valar Morghulis
S03E01- Valar Dohaeris
S03E02- Dark Wings, Dark Words
S03E07- The Bear and the Maiden Fair
S03E08- Second Sons
S04E01- Two Swords
S04E02- The Lion and the Rose
S04E03- Breaker of Chains
S04E07- Mockingbird
S05E09- The Dance of Dragons
S05E10- Mother’s Mercy
S06E04- Book of the Stranger
S06E05- The Door
S06E10- The Winds of Winter
S07E04- The Spoils of War
S07E05- Eastwatch


Outlander Season Two Recap

outlander 2.jpg

(Original post at The National Student)

It’s been a while since season two of Outlander – the time-travelling drama that sexes up the Jacobite rebellion, so you’d be forgiven for forgetting a few details. Whether you’re a die-hard fan driven mad by #droughtlander or a new viewer trying to jump on the Outlander hype train for season three, here’s a reminder of what happened in season two.

But first, a brief reminder (a meta-recap if you will) of season one: Claire Beauchamp, a former combat nurse who’s newly returned from World War Two, is visiting Inverness with her husband Frank. Claire finds herself transported back to 18th century Scotland after touching an ancient standing stone and narrowly escapes an attack by Frank’s ancestor, the sadistic English captain, Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall. Farfetched? Absolutely, but Outlander is just the right side of melodramatic, so let’s go with it.

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