Titus Andronicus, Royal Shakespeare Company


TW: rape

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Titus Andronicus is not an easy play to stage. Perhaps Shakespeare’s most violent work, the play is famed for its excessive savagery; rape, mutilation, and cannibalism are so ubiquitous in Titus Andronicus that for years, many critics have derided the play for its sadism and narrative simplicity.

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Too much madness, not enough method: Hamlet at the Barbican


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One of the most widely anticipated productions of the year, the Barbican’s Hamlet has been inundated by frenzied coverage across the media, largely thanks to the hysteria surrounding its illustrious star, Benedict Cumberbatch. From the record-breaking ticket sales to its controversial decision (and subsequent U-turn) to place the play’s famous “to be or not to be” soliloquy during its opening scene, the plagued production has been contentious from its inception.

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