Spoilers are coming: the real significance of the Game of Thrones leaks


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Unless you’ve been offline for the past month, chances are you’re aware of the Game of Thrones leaks.

The fantasy drama is one of the most popular shows ever made, and with every new season there comes a spike in online piracy. HBO’s flagship programme is the world’s most pirated TV show, and the seventh season has been plagued by hackers and accidental leaks from the company’s international offices.

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Game Of Thrones: ‘The Spoils Of War’

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The opening shot of The Spoils of War – a convoy of Lannister wagons holding gold and grain – is a disappointingly literal embodiment of the episode’s title. Thankfully for the Game of Thrones audience (and impoverished student reviewers), the rest of The Spoils of War is a lot more compelling than that.

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